Well hello there! My name is Ross and in 2016 I became a dad. As it turns out, kids are kinda time consuming and I needed to pick up a hobby where I could stop at a moment’s notice and save my child from peril. As it would happen, that very same year a Warhammer store opened up near my place of work. So it was  that I returned to the wonderful world of Warhammer.

In my teenage years I had gotten into Warhammer 40K. I had armies of Orks, Eldar, Imperial Guard and Necrons. I even dabbled in Dark Elves for Warhammer Fantasy, but never got into playing it. Orks were my go-to army for playing, but I found that I enjoyed the painting aspect of the hobby more than playing, so I ventured out to other armies.

Things have certainly changed from those days. Most notably  was the relaunch of Warhammer fantasy as “Age of Sigmar”, which moved the fantasy models from square bases to circular ones. As I visited the new Warhammer store the fancy new models caught my eye. I decided to try my hand at painting again and see where it lead me!

This Blog is mainly for me. When hunting down ideas for a new army, I’ll often see the finished product but not how it got there. This is a good place to document my process, not only for those who are interested, but for myself in case I ever need to got back and remember what I did.

Take care of your brushes!