Sylvaneth Test Model 2

My original test model was just too dark for my taste. It looked okay on a single dryad, but I wasn’t sure how to transition it into an entire army, and if I did a lot of detail would be lost in the shadows. I thought I would try out a lighter color scheme before I went with the dark bark and orange leaves.

While looking around for ideas, I came across a Facebook post from Titan Miniatures. I liked the look of the lighter bark and purple leaves. I thought I would try something similar, with light bark which transitioned to something darker on the ends of branches. For the leaves I wanted something a little more pink/purple rather than just purple. For that I found inspiration from a Turkadactyl!

For brighter colors that popped out more, I decided to try a white undercoat. This isn’t something I’ve ever done before. I’ve always leaned towards dark and broody!

20170430_035859391_iOS (2).jpg
Corax White (Spray)

After spraying it white, I painted the whole thing white! Because I was going to use shades to color the bark, I wanted to make sure the color was consistent.

20170430_044126648_iOS (2).jpg
Pallid Wych Flesh


20170430_193034417_iOS (2).jpg
Rhinox Hide


20170430_194519066_iOS (2).jpg
Sylvaneth Bark




20170430_224559477_iOS (2).jpg
Three Agrax Earthshade washes, Nuln Oil on the dark bark and Sylvaneth Bark to help blend the transitions.


20170501_003451694_iOS (2).jpg
White Scar (eyes) and Screamer Punk (leaves)


20170501_005022007_iOS (2).jpg
Druchii Violet


20170501_012738736_iOS (2).jpg
Emperor’s Children


20170501_015828755_iOS (2).jpg
Fulgrim pink

All in all I like how it turned out. The two-toned bark should give me something to work with when I move on towards more complex models and the purple-pink leaves contrast with the bark better than the red and dark browns of the first model.


What do you think? Do you prefer spring or fall? Let me know in the comments!


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