Sylvaneth Test Model


While taking a break from painting I spent a lot of time playing World of Warcraft. The new Legion expansion featured its own brand of Treefolk which gave me some inspiration. I liked the idea of having a brown or grey barked tree with a red glow bursting through. It was also November and the leaves were turning, so I wanted a nice Autumn look.




IMG_1686 (2).JPG
Chaos Black Undercoat
IMG_1687 (2).JPG
Rhinox Hide
IMG_1688 (2).JPG
Sylvaneth Bark
IMG_1689 (2).JPG
Khorne Red and Wazdakka Red
IMG_1691 (2).JPG
Mephiston Red and Evil Sunz Scarlet


At this point I decide that the fingers just aren’t going to work. I’m not yet skilled enough to get a good glow effect going Maybe in the future. For now We’re just going back to brown with the rest of the model.

IMG_1692 (2).JPG

IMG_1758 (2).JPG









IMG_1759 (2).JPG
Agrax Earthshade (everything but the leaves)
IMG_1760 (2).JPG
White Scar
IMG_1761 (2).JPG
Lamenters Yellow
IMG_1762 (2).JPG
Averland Sunset (highlight on leaves)

Overall I wasn’t happy with it. The bark was too dark and the red loincloth leaves didn’t help offset it. The leaves looked alright, but didn’t really pop the way I’d hoped. I could have made adjustments, but I didn’t think it would work well for an entire army. Back to the drawing board!

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